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Mission Concepcion
San Antonio, Texas


Discovery of fresco decorative patterns located on walls and ceiling. Conservation of ceiling and plaster stabilization was required throughout the room. Paint analysis and documentation was required for this room.

Baptismal & St. John's Chapel

Conservation stabilization and cleaning of historic limewash decorative patterns.

This is one of the five historic Spanish Colonial Missions that were built in San Antonio by the Franciscan Order in the Mid 1700's. The Baptistery and the Confessional Rooms of the Church still contain historic Spanish Colonial plaster and historic fresco secco of tinted limewashes on the walls and ceilings. The existing conditions of these two rooms was very poor and becoming critical. There were areas of delaminated plaster and areas of the tinted limewash that were very friable. The methodology of treatment required mortar injections to reattach the delaminated plaster, reattachment of paint flakes, and edge stabilization of historic plaster. After theses procedures, the surface required extensive conservation cleaning to remove efflorescence, graffiti and years of dirt and grime.

Mission Concepcion Library

Arrows indicate new losses and detachment.

Job Description
Continued monitoring of existing conditions of interior walls and ceiling for moisture content, efflorescence and other continuing causes of damage to interior plaster with remaining historic decorative painting. Conversation treatments and edge stabilization to areas that exhibit new losses. Moisture measurements were documented of entire room. Re-attachment of existing loose lime plaster found on the ceiling and walls. The room environment was monitored to establish causes of deterioration of historic fabric. All stabilized surfaces were cleaned to remove existing dust and debris. Poultices were applied to remove efflorescende on the surfaces.


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