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Restoration Associates was founded by Mary Canales Jary in 1985, and specializes in historic restoration and conservation. We offer a wide range of conservation and restoration services, historic paint and pattern matching, ornamental plaster conservation and other delicate surfaces. Restoration services includes application of gold leaf, metal leaf and mica powers, custom stencil designs and application, mural and easel painting conservation, cleaning and restoration.

Stencils & Wallpaper
Custom Hand Painted Stencils and Custom Wallpaper
Historic Stencil Conservation, Cleaning and Restoration

Custom Murals
Mural Restoration and Conservation

Color Matching of Historical Paints and Synthetic Paints
Paint Analysis to Determine Original Colors
Paint Restoration and Conservation
Reproduction of Historic Painted Finishes

Gold Leaf, Metals, & Mica
Restoration of Gold Leaf and Metal Leaf Application
Metallic Powder Application
Mica Glaze Application

Plaster Restoration and Replication

Faux Marble Finishing - marble, fantasy marble wood, metals, and stone
Faux Marble Glazes

Restoration and Conservation
Curatorial Cleaning and Treatments
Restoration and Conservation of Artwork

Statue Restoration

Color Specialists
In addition to restoration and conservation, we are color specialists. Let us help you with your color selects for your home or office, both interior and exterior.

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