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The Empire Theater
San Antonio, Texas

The restoration of the Empire Theater is one of Restoration Associate's proudest achievements. Here are several details.

These maidens (above the stage) were restored to their original (nude) state after we discovered that they had been subsequently covered with burlap. The gold that you see here is gold leaf application and the copper is a paint application of metallic copper powder .

This photo reveals the state of the Empire when we found it. It had been covered with bright paints, but we discovered that the original colors were a combination of gold leaf, metallic paints, and muted colors.

Proscenium (flanking stage)

Soffit (ceiling below balcony)

Relief plaster below balcony box

Stencil application on wall behind balcony box

Copper and gold metallic paint application

Gold leaf application on bracket

Metallic powder applied to capital

Metallic copper powder and gold leaf on soffit (balcony lights)


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