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Paint Restoration and Conservation

Aztec Theatre
San Antonio, Texas

Decorative paint analysis, color matching, and documentation for restoration of all interior finishes.

Conservation procedures and reproduction of all decorative finishes as per paint analysis report.

Some areas required pigment reintegration to match historic finishes.

Sutton County Courthouse
Sonora, Texas

Replication of historic wall stencil pattern with gold leaf and copper leaf.

This stencil pattern was found throughout the main corridors, offices, and the courtroom.

Approximately $6000 of gold leaf and copper leaf was required.

Four historic vault doors required timed chemical reveals to expose the historic finishes of the decoratively painted vault doors. Each door required paint reintegration where ever historic stencil elements were missing, pigment losses in the landscape seen painted in the center of the doors, and applying narrow 23 karat gold leaf bands around the perimeter of the doors.


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